The Safest Operations
As the leading supplier of transmission, storage and mid-stream compressor stations,
Steel Nation designs, manufactures and erects the absolute safest facilities in the energy sector. You can guaranteed that every Steel Nation project is designed with Class 1, Div 1&2, Group D Explosion Proof electrical components and motors, including all lighting, gas detectors, air handling and cranes. Each of these components exceeds NEC and oil and gas codes.  Steel Nation's safety program is based on very stringent MSHA standards, our EMR rates are the best in the industry and our team members approach all jobs with "Safety First" in mind. All Steel Nation field personnel carry man lift and crane certifications and are equipped with the newest 5-Gas ISO9001 detectors, harnesses, PPE and FR clothing. Steel Nation is also 100% IS Networld certified: Safety First - For Life!

The Coolest Conditions
Steel Nation currently has over 300 compressors under roof, and has never had a single compressor overheat or shut down due to high temperatures! Knowing that Caterpillar 3616s or Solar Turbines have heat gains of over 2 million BTU/H, it is critical to design ventilation systems that ensue buildings stay within a 20 degree rise over ambient temperatures. Traditional compression designers often use 3 to 6 air changes/hour (NEC Codes), but this is extremely low, leading to overheating and engine shutdowns/lost productivity. Steel Nation's proprietary ventilation systems will always be above 12 AC/H, and with heat gains factored, our buildings average 22 to 32 AC/H, ensuring proper cooling. Steel Nation also designs the "coolest" air intake systems for all brands of compressor packages, complete with attenuating silencers, enabling engines to run very cool, extremely quiet and with lower maintenance cycles.

Super Quiet!
As the new shale plays (Marcellus & Utica) proliferate into more populated regions, smart owners realize that new compression stations need to be super quiet in order to co-exist harmoniously with local residents.  Most mid to large model compressor engines exceed 105 dBA and cooler fans approach 90 dBA, Steel Nation designs and builds every station fully sound attenuated for the wellbeing of the community and for the technicians working at the site. Steel Nation offers five distinct phases of sound mitigation techniques, based on local codes, and more importantly, distances to receptors homes, schools and occupied structures. Sound caves, bear dens, acoustic panels, mineral wool, batt insulation and perforated panels are used to control sound and vibration, both within the buildings and exterior sound sources, to ensure that all stations are super quiet.